Warlords X


The basics should be similar to the original Warlords II Deluxe. This document will focus on the differences. A lot of information such as strategy tips can be found at Bob Heeter's Warlords II site

The Gauntlet Room

The Gauntlet Room is where you set up games (like the rest of the screenshots in this document, the layout is subject to change).

  1. Here's where you select the scenario you want to play. When selecting a new scenario, the settings screen should pop up and you should also see the relevant map below.
  2. Either you go with the scenario specific army set or one of your choosing. Upon entering a named set, its contents should show up below.
  3. This is the nick under which you're known to your fellow Warlords. You will be allocated one name in the style of Warlords, but you might change it to anything of your liking.
  4. This is an overview of registered players and their rankings (see below for how those are calculated. GMT shows in what time zone players are located (game play is probably smoother if all players are in nearby time-zones).
  5. This table shows games where you are currently active. Hovering over a row will show you the standings while clicking the row will display a brief log and an interactive map where you can see what your opponents are up to.
  6. Click either Facebook (lightly tested), Microsoft (various types of login under this umbrella), Google (more tested) or the mail icon to sign in (we are just keeping track of a unique identifier for you, you are welcome to suggest other means of registering like Apple sign-in). The system is not very robust yet when it comes to switching between the different vendors, but who would ever attempt that?


Click where it says Me to change between yourself, other human players or AI players ("Random player" is not implemented yet). Click repeatedly to cycle through options (this will look slightly different on devices like the iPhone). When selecting Invite player, you will have to click one of the player names in the table below to invite him or her.

Below the player list, you'll find a set of options (likely to expand going foward). Quick start simply means that all cities are divided between the active players from the get-go. The various Neutrals options determine what kind of neutral armies should be produced.

The Game

  1. Tactical map. Can be panned and zoomed to your liking.
  2. Strategic map. Use this to get a better overview of the battles.
  3. Move to the next available unit.
  4. Move all.
  5. Deselect current selected unit(s).
  6. Group units in the current square.
  7. This button will be enabled in ruins and temples.
  8. This will toggle the display of units and temples on the strategic map as well. If you have any heroes, they will also show in a table.
  9. Center on the currently selected unit/city.
  10. Exit to the Gauntlet Room.
  11. When enabled, will show the status of your questing.
  12. This will show a log of events.
  13. This will give an overview of your armies, where they are located, how much movement points they have left etc. Quite useful when the number of armies grows.
  14. This will give an overview of what your cities are producing and vectoring. You can also edit production (changing the current production or buying new units).
  15. The leaderboard. This is also where you can resign from the game.
  16. If you have selected a stack, it will be shown here. Otherwise there will be an overview of the current army set.
  17. This will end your turn.


Minor Differences

Army Overview

Production Overview


Army Sets

ERYTHEA is the standard army set, which some people believe is unbalanced in favor of Pegasi and Griffins. TOURNAM (for Tournament) is an adjusted set with the same graphics. This set is focused on speed (for quicker games), balance and special purpose units.


The rankings are based on the Elo rating system with a logistic distribution. Rankings are updated whenever a human player is eliminated (with a lower K value for remaining players in case of a resignation). Players start out with a ranking of 1500. Rankings are only affected in games with remaining active human players, i.e. if you resign in a game vs. AI players, your ranking will not suffer. The same goes for recorded wins - you will not score a win vs. only AI players. In games where you play several sides, you will not be credited if one of your sides resigns or is otherwise eliminated. Given that rankings are updated in case of elimination, it is theoretically possible to have a high ranking but no wins.


Please report bugs here.